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MD Nonresident Property Owner Withholding- Ocean City, MD

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MD Nonresident Owner Withholding- Ocean City, MD

How much money will be withheld when I sell my house in Maryland?

That is a question every MD Nonresident property owner should ask themselves prior to selling. Why? It’s the Law and there’s no way around it.

Almost 16 years ago, October 1, 2003, Section 10-912 was passed by the general assembly and placed into effect. Section 10-912 addressed the sale or transfers of real property and associated tangible property in Maryland by nonresidents AND nonresident entities. This law is still as relevant today as it was when it was passed in 2003.

The withholding of monies is for potential taxes that may be due from...

Local Website Local Realtor

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Local Website Local Realtor

I love talking, showing, and selling Real Estate, but I hate writing about it. Writing was never my forte and most likely why l loathe blogging. However, if I can make the most expensive experience in your life easy, or at least easier, it’s worth my time.

When you purchase a property you use a local realtor, not someone who offers services to the majority of the US and Canada. Get off Zillow, or other real estate platforms (non local), and find a local website for your home search. Yes, I advertise on Zillow and yes, I have made money off of Zillow. I pay to obtain leads from their real estate portals, however, I quickly add my clients as an user on one of my websites (MD or ...

Rental License Information | Ocean City, MD

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Rental License Information - Ocean City, MD

If I buy a condo in Ocean City, MD and want to rent it out, do I need a rental license?

The quick answer is Yes. However, not properly registering your property can lead to fines. All rental units in Ocean City, MD are required to be registered with the Town. You should also familiarize yourself with the R1-Rental Map.

We as REALTORS give out so much information, I believe half of it is missed. If I had a choice to listen to me talk or soak up the view of an ...

Favorite winter restaurants in Ocean City, MD- 2018

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Favorite winter restaurants in Ocean City, MD- 2018/2019

It may be the offseason in Ocean City, but there are some good restaurants still open. In fact, some have really good deals on certain nights of the week. Always call ahead, some may have gone fishin and specials can change. Here are a few of my favorites….

Fager’s Island- 201 60th St, Ocean City, MD 21842 Bayfront. Call 410-524-5500

“Award-winning and popular destination featuring impeccably prepared American and Pacific Rim cuisine.”


Buyer Representation Ocean City, MD Real Estate

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Buyer Representation - Ocean City, MD

My phone rings while sitting in my office, located on 86th street in Ocean City, Maryland. Assuming it’s a real estate call I answer promptly. Before I get to introduce myself, I hear, “I only want to talk to the listing agent because I’ll get a better deal on the property I see on your website.” I politely respond that I am not the listing agent and before I can say anything else the caller hangs up on me. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and it surely won’t be the last. However, it does get me thinking. I realize the person is trying to save money, but they obviously lack knowledge of agency in Maryland....

Ocean City MD Condo Fee

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Condominium Fees

Most of the Real Estate sold in Ocean City, MD is part of a Condominium Association. An Association is made of all the owners in the building and governed by the By-Laws and Declarations. The members of the Association vote on a Board of Directors; the Board of Directors are tasked to run the building as detailed in the By-Laws and Declarations. Associations can either manage the building, Self-Managed, or hire a third party, Management Company, to oversee the day to day operations. Part of the duties of the Board of Directors is to establish a Condo Fee that Covers the costs...

Questions & Answers about Ocean City, MD

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I get asked a lot of questions from buyers about Ocean City, MD. I hope you find these answers to my most frequently asked questions helpful. 

Q. Where is Ocean City, MD?
A. Ocean City, MD is located on the East Coast of Maryland and the Atlantic Ocean.

Q. How many streets make up Ocean City, MD from the Inlet to DE line?
A. Ocean City, MD is approximately 156 streets.

Q. How many miles from the Ocean City, MD Inlet to DE line?
A. Ocean City, MD is approximately 9.2 miles from the Inlet to Delaware line.

Q. How long is the Ocean City, MD Boardwalk?
A. Ocean...

Vacation in Ocean City MD

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Free Fun In Ocean City, MD

I can still hear the words from my father, “If you’re bored, you’re boring!” I’ll even admit that I may be guilty of using this one liner with my own kids now and again. Living in Ocean City has spoiled my children with countless opportunities to play, explore, and live everyday like it’s a vacation!

Ocean City is so jam packed with fun that I thought breaking it down into three categories would be easiest!

Three Amusement Parks within Three Miles- Ocean City, MD

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Three Amusement Parks within Three Miles- Ocean City, MD

For those who love action packed vacation days, need I say any more than THREE amusement parks within THREE miles!!! Ocean City, Maryland has a little bit of everything for everyone! Check out what each park has to offer and find the right fit for your family!

Jolly Roger Amusement Park - 30th Street - If you have ever driven down coastal highway with a car full of kids, or even one, you have heard the shrieks of joy as you passed the Jolly Rogers Amusement Park! This place truly has it all and is the best park for families with mixed ages! Park your car for the day in their onsite free parking lot and enjoy a full day, or three,...

Searching Ocean City, MD Real Estate

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Searching for Real Estate in Ocean City, Maryland

Do you know what you want, but hate navigating through hundreds of properties? I’ll give you the inside information on how to effectively search Ocean City, MD Real Estate. The use of proper terminology and basic tools will allow you to be able to properly communicate and locate your Beach retreat with ease.

Let’s discuss search terminology. Ocean City is broken into 5 MLS search areas: Oceanfront, ...