10 Best Places To Live In Delaware [2023 Edition]

Best Places To Live In Delaware

From beautiful beaches to bustling cities, Delaware has a lot to offer in terms of the best places to live! Whether you're looking for small-town charm or the hustle and bustle of city life, there's something for everyone in The First State. Our 2023 edition of 10 Best Places To Live In Delaware highlights some of the best cities to live in Delaware as well as some of the magnificent Delaware Beaches. Each of these areas combines great amenities with an unbeatable quality of life. Explore our list of the best places to live in Delaware and make your dream of living in Delaware come true!

Living in Delaware

From the beaches of Rehoboth to the rolling hills of Brandywine Valley, living in Delaware is like something out of a dream. From bustling cities and vibrant small communities to vast expanses of wilderness and national parks, there is something here for everyone!

Delaware offers a unique combination of history, culture, and natural beauty that makes it truly special. Its proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia all within easy driving distance is only a small part of Delaware’s rising popularity.

The cost of living is also relatively low compared to neighboring states, making it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable place to call home. The state also values education, making it an excellent option for young families. In Delaware, you'll find some of the leading public school districts in the nation as well as a variety of higher education institutions close by.

When you call Delaware home, you get access to world-class attractions like Winterthur Museum & Country Estate and Hagley Museum & Library along with countless dining options, entertainment venues, shopping centers, galleries, and more. All in all, living in Delaware is a wholesome experience that promises both adventure and comfort.

Best Places to Live in Delaware

Delaware may not be the largest state, but it certainly has a lot to offer its residents. With moderate temperatures, close proximity to beaches, and access to major cities within driving distance, there are plenty of great reasons to live in Delaware. But where exactly do you want to settle? Let's explore what's considered to be the 10 best places to live in Delaware for 2023.


As the largest city in Delaware and a major transportation hub, there’s no shortage of things to do in Wilmington. From historic attractions like the DuPont Mansion to endless dining options, Wilmington is a vibrant and bustling community that offers its residents plenty of activities and amenities.

From affordable housing options and excellent public transportation systems to beautiful parks and untouched nature reserves, Wilmington has earned the title of one of the best cities to live in Delaware.

It boasts a thriving economy thanks to its diverse job opportunities and booming industries like finance, technology, and healthcare. With its record-setting educational performance—multiple universities nearby and some of the best public schools in the state, award-winning restaurants and breweries, endless shopping possibilities, and endless entertainment options like concerts, events, and festivals—what more can you ask for?

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Rehoboth Beach

Located on the Atlantic Coast in Delaware's Sussex County, Rehoboth Beach although a popular vacation destination has plenty to offer year-round residents. One of the best-known Delaware beaches, Rehoboth Beach scores high marks for its affordability, job market, and quality of life. No wonder many are choosing to live in this beautiful coastal town.

With miles of beautiful sandy beaches, a bustling downtown area, and plenty of attractions, whether you're looking for history, culture, or recreation, Rehoboth Beach offers a relaxed lifestyle. With easy access to major cities, airports, and highways nearby, all the amenities you could ever want are within reach of this vibrant beach town.

Pike Creek

Pike Creek is an up-and-coming area in the northern part of New Castle County, located just minutes from Wilmington. It’s known for its quiet neighborhoods and easy access to great schools, shopping centers, and more. Whether you're looking for an outdoor escape or a thriving job scene, Pike Creek is a great place to live. With a mix of affordability and convenience, Pike Creek is quickly becoming one of Delaware's most sought-after neighborhoods.

Bethany Beach

If you have your heart set on living at one of the Delaware Beaches and looking to make the most of your time at home, Bethany Beach could be your beach. This small beach town located on the Atlantic coast offers plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun during the summertime as well as a wide variety of activities throughout the year.

In Bethany Beach, you’ll enjoy moderate temperatures year-round. With growing job prospects and diverse real estate options from high-end waterfront condos to single-family homes in established neighborhoods, it’s no surprise that Bethany Beach is one of the ten best places to live in Delaware this year.

From shopping and dining to unique attractions, Bethany Beach has attracted everyone from young professionals to retirees. With convenient access to Delaware's major cities and nearby Rehoboth Beach, you'll never be bored living in this charming beach town.

Bethany Beach


If you're looking for a more suburban lifestyle, Wyoming is the place for you. Located in the state's northern New Castle County, Wyoming stands out due to its affordability, job opportunities, and quality of life.

It's known for its excellent school system and strong family values that make it a great place to raise kids. Affordable housing makes it easy for residents to stretch their dollars as far as possible. Wyoming ranked 3rd in Delaware for its high median annual salary. Top employers in the city attract skilled communicators from industries such as banking and finance, engineering, healthcare, and more.

Low crime rates and proximity to larger cities make Wyoming quite appealing. The area also boasts plenty of outdoor activities and events nearby in order for people to relax or have fun after a long day at work. With so many positives already manifesting in Wyoming, there's no doubt that this settlement will remain one of the best places to live in Delaware.


If you're looking for an affluent lifestyle, Hockessin is definitely one of the best cities to live in Delaware. It has some top-notch public schools. Moreover, varied housing options mean that from apartments and condos to single-family homes, people will find a perfect fit.

There are beautiful parks and trails, giving residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature while being active. This upscale community offers residents plenty of amenities such as golf courses, country clubs, and quality restaurants.

On top of all that, excellent employment options make it easy for people to find the right job immediately. Put these factors together and you get why Hockessin is the perfect balance between luxury and convenience.

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For those looking for an affordable yet thriving community, Milford would be the perfect place to settle. This small town offers plenty of attractions such as historical landmarks and a bustling downtown area with plenty of shopping and dining options.

With plenty of housing options ranging from downtown living to more rural neighborhoods and its close proximity to beaches and major cities like Rehoboth Beach and Philadelphia, you can enjoy the best of everything when you make Milford your home.

Fenwick Island

As one of the most popular beach towns on Delaware's Atlantic coastline, Fenwick Island is a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy the ocean breeze. From its four miles of beautiful Delaware beaches to its convenient retailers, dining, and recreational activities; Fenwick Island is sure to please.

This idyllic seaside town prides itself on a laid-back lifestyle that appeals to those looking for something a bit off the beaten path yet within easy reach of more urban centers. Beyond its stunning vistas, Fenwick Island boasts one of the best job markets in the state; making it an attractive option for young professionals. With affordable housing costs and plenty of outdoor pursuits like kayaking, fishing, and surfing; Fenwick Island is definitely worthy of consideration.

Fenwick Island

Pike Creek Valley

For those looking for a more quaint and secluded lifestyle, the Pike Creek Valley neighborhood might be just what you’re looking for. Pike Creek Valley offers a secure job market with competitive and fair wages. Home values are quite reasonable and you can find anything from cute condos to large single-family homes to fit any budget.

This rural community offers beautiful views of rolling hills and sprawling farms. Pike Creek Valley gets extra points because it's a great blend of small-town charm and urban conveniences. You can enjoy all the perks of city life within a rural setting that includes peaceful surroundings and numerous outdoor recreation activities. It provides scenic parks for picnics with friends and family, fishing, hunting, and other great adventure sports right where you live!


For those looking for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, Lewes is the perfect place. This charming beach town located on Delaware's Atlantic coast offers plenty of attractions such as historical sites and museums in addition to gorgeous views of the ocean.

Lewes continues to be one of the most affordable cities in Delaware. It boasts one of the most stable job markets in the state with a variety of career opportunities available. Home to some of the most affordable housing communities in Delaware, Lewes has become a popular home base for those who are looking for a balanced life between city hustle and coastal calm.

For outdoor activities, visitors and residents can explore Cape Henlopen State Park which has 5 miles of pristine Delaware beaches plus over 2200 acres of nature trails to enjoy. Shopping and entertainment are abundant. Quality of life is high with plenty of amenities to make life comfortable and convenient for everyone who resides in Lewes, ranking it as one of the best cities to live in Delaware.

It’s plain to see why living in Delaware is so desirable. From stunning Delaware beaches and small-town charm to bustling cities, pretty much everything is accessible no matter which of the best places to live in Delaware you choose. Let the adventure begin!

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