The 10 Best Pizza Joints You Must Try In Ocean City, MD

Pizza Joints Ocean City MD

Ocean City, Maryland, has a great selection of pizza joints that you must try! We're sharing ten of the best that we're sure you'll love! If you've never visited Ocean City, then now is the best time. Ocean City is a beautiful resort town located in Maryland. It boasts many amazing things to do, eat, see and experience. It is home to Seaside beach, which is blanketed in soft white sand. The Ocean City boardwalk dates back as far as 1902 offering heaps of recreational activities and amazing sights to see.

Ocean City, Maryland, is home to fantastic shopping opportunities, arts and culture events, and some of the nation's best pizza. Below are ten of the best pizza joints that you must try in Ocean City, Maryland.


3205 Philadelphia Ave., Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410) 390-7881

Ripieno's pizza is a chic Italian cafe with amazing food. The pizza is bedded with melted mozzarella cheese and blanketed with delightful and savory homemade sauce. The bistro serves pizza, sandwiches and salads. It offers a wide range of dishes like signature pizzas, savory salads and delicious sides. A few popular items are their Margherita Pizza, Ratatouille Pizza, and Milan Pizza. Pair it with salads like Ripieno's Greek salad or grilled chicken salad or sides like steak fries and calamari for a delightful meal. Ripieno's bistro offers impressive customer service, a great atmosphere and ambiance and delicious, mouthwatering pizza. Their pizza is woodfired, giving it a perfectly smokey, delicious taste. It's the perfect bistro to visit for pizza and serves a wide variety of alternate dishes.

Woodfired Pizza

Grotto Pizza

12407 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland | Phone No. (410) 250-1234

Grotto Pizza has many specials to help you get the most for your money! Everything from oven-fresh pizzas to build-your-own pizzas with an endless amount of delicious toppings. Enjoy some of the specialty pizzas that Grotto Pizza offers, such as The Buffalo Chicken and The Meat Lovers. Grotto Pizza features delicious savory appetizers and options for purchasing sliced pizza or whole and customizing the pizza to your exact liking. Grotto Pizza also offers catering services with enormous discounts for ordering multiple pizzas. Grotto Pizza has created party packages that include pizza and unlimited soft drinks for parties and gatherings on-site. Grotto Pizza is a great pizza place in Ocean City, Maryland!


13117 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410)-250-2000

Bask in Albertino’s brick oven-roasted pizza! Albertino’s pizza is loaded with freshly shredded mozzarella cheese, cooked Italian sausage, roasted garlic and more. Pizza at Albertino’s is handmade with fresh ingredients. If you’re craving some adventure, swap the red sauce for white sauce and get acquainted with a new kind of pizza! Albertino’s offers a large variety of appetizers, a mix of salads and traditional Italian pasta dishes such as Pasta Bolognaise and Fettucine Alfredo. Albertino’s is a cozy, family eatery that offers great pizza!

Albertinos Pizza

Pizza Mambo

710 N Philadelphia Ave., Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410)-289-1200

Pizza Mambo is a great pizza joint in Ocean City, Maryland! They have great specials with excellent savings and delicious pizza. Dine-in and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere that Pizza Mambo offers. Serving pizza by the slice for guests dining in, Pizza Mambo is a great place to stop in and grab a slice while connecting with friends and loved ones. This incredible pizza joint offers calzones, subs and outstanding appetizers.

The Dough Roller

6909 Coastal Hwy., Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410)-524-7981

The Dough Roller is one of the best pizza joints in Ocean City, Maryland. With the option of sliced pizza or whole pizza, everyone is sure to find something they love. The Dough Roller makes a pizza that is thin, slightly crispy, and gooey. In addition, the pizza place offers a huge selection of savory sandwiches, delicious appetizers, and fresh, locally sourced wings. The Dough Roller has won several awards and is a delightful pizza place to visit.

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Trattoria Lombardi’s

94th St. Shopping Center, Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410)-524-1961

Trattoria Lombardi's is an authentic Italian pizza joint in Ocean City, Maryland. The ambiance is unlike any other. It is in a great location, making it easily accessible. This pizza joint has a fantastic kids' menu and several specialty pizzas. A few of these are supreme meat-lovers and a famous summer pizza. Trattoria Lombardi's serves authentic Italian pasta dishes such as pasta with meatballs and pasta tossed with Italian sausage. Enjoy savory pasta such as spaghetti, linguini, penne and angel hair. Trattoria Lombardi's is a beautiful pizza joint that is a must-see in Ocean City, Maryland.

Authentic Pasta

Pizza Tugos

116th St. Coastal Hwy, Oyster Bay Shoppes, Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410)-524-2922

Pizza Tugos is an excellent pizza joint that you must try in Ocean City, Maryland. They offer an excellent carry-out menu and a mouthwatering delicious dine-in menu. In addition, they offer a great party menu with access to a beautiful outdoor tiki bar. Pizza Tugos offers a full bar with nearly 80 craft beers on tap. They also offer fast and free delivery.

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Fat Daddy’s

216 S. Baltimore Ave., Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410)-289-4040

Fat Daddy's is one of the best pizza joints in Ocean City. It is family-owned and operated and was founded in 1985. They pride themselves on the superior quality of food they serve. Fat Daddy's offers an extensive menu and uses only 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, giving their pizza that ooey-gooey stringy melted cheesy texture. Enjoy their gourmet pizzas such as smokey bbq chicken, Hawaiian, White Pesto and more. Fat Daddy's offers a vast number of specialty pizzas such as sirloin cheesesteak and Mexican taco. They also offer a considerable number of gourmet toppings to enjoy atop your pizza. Fat Daddy's is an excellent pizza joint that is a must-try in Ocean City.

Ponzetti’s Pizza

144th St + Coastal Hwy., Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410)-250-2624

Ponzetti's pizza is a beautiful beach restaurant that remains owned and operated by the founding family. Ponzetti's pizza makes delicious take and bake pizzas, making weekday dinner that much easier! This pizza joint features oven-fresh and crispy pizzas with an array of delicious toppings like pepperoni, hot peppers and fresh ground beef. Ponzetti's Pizza also offers a wide range of savory calzones and a fantastic kid menu. This pizza joint is family-friendly and has a great vibe!

Ponzetti’s Pizza

Piezano’s Pizza

300 ½ S. Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD | Phone No. (410)-289-7433

Piezano's pizza is a great pizza joint located in Ocean City. They have been serving excellent pizza since 1962. Piezano's pizza serves delicious pizza that is made from scratch. Their pizza is fresh and delicious. They offer both sliced and whole pizzas with delicious gourmet toppings.

Pizza in Ocean City

Ocean City is a beautiful place to visit in Maryland. It has incredible recreational opportunities and some of the best pizza joints out there! Enjoy gourmet, traditional and savory pizzas at these ten pizza joints dotted throughout the city.           

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