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Dog Friendly Oceanfront Condo Buildings | Ocean City, MD

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What is the most important factor when buying a vacation home? LOCATION 

Wrong!  It isn’t Location, Location, Location anymore... it’s Pets, Pets, Pets!!  

Buyers are now making decisions on whether to purchase a property by placing pet policies before location. You shouldn’t be shocked; the pet industry is expected to reach $96 billion by 2020. Additionally, according to the American Pet Products Association, "almost 85 million households have...

Local Website Local Realtor

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Local Website Local Realtor

I love talking, showing, and selling Real Estate, but I hate writing about it. Writing was never my forte and most likely why l loathe blogging. However, if I can make the most expensive experience in your life easy, or at least easier, it’s worth my time.

When you purchase a property you use a local realtor, not someone who offers services to the majority of the US and Canada. Get off Zillow, or other real estate platforms (non local), and find a local website for your home search. Yes, I advertise on Zillow and yes, I have made money off of Zillow. I pay to obtain leads from their real estate portals, however, I quickly add my clients as an user on one of my websites (MD or ...

Rental License Information | Ocean City, MD

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Rental License Information - Ocean City, MD

If I buy a condo in Ocean City, MD and want to rent it out, do I need a rental license?

The quick answer is Yes. However, not properly registering your property can lead to fines. All rental units in Ocean City, MD are required to be registered with the Town. You should also familiarize yourself with the R1-Rental Map.

We as REALTORS give out so much information, I believe half of it is missed. If I had a choice to listen to me talk or soak up the view of an ...

Buyer Representation Ocean City, MD Real Estate

Golden Sands Condominium Building Ocean City, MD

Buyer Representation - Ocean City, MD

My phone rings while sitting in my office, located on 86th street in Ocean City, Maryland. Assuming it’s a real estate call I answer promptly. Before I get to introduce myself, I hear, “I only want to talk to the listing agent because I’ll get a better deal on the property I see on your website.” I politely respond that I am not the listing agent and before I can say anything else the caller hangs up on me. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and it surely won’t be the last. However, it does get me thinking. I realize the person is trying to save money, but they obviously lack knowledge of agency in Maryland....

Ocean City MD Condo Fee

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Condominium Fees

Most of the Real Estate sold in Ocean City, MD is part of a Condominium Association. An Association is made of all the owners in the building and governed by the By-Laws and Declarations. The members of the Association vote on a Board of Directors; the Board of Directors are tasked to run the building as detailed in the By-Laws and Declarations. Associations can either manage the building, Self-Managed, or hire a third party, Management Company, to oversee the day to day operations. Part of the duties of the Board of Directors is to establish a Condo Fee that Covers the costs...

Searching Ocean City, MD Real Estate

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Searching for Real Estate in Ocean City, Maryland

Do you know what you want, but hate navigating through hundreds of properties? I’ll give you the inside information on how to effectively search Ocean City, MD Real Estate. The use of proper terminology and basic tools will allow you to be able to properly communicate and locate your Beach retreat with ease.

Let’s discuss search terminology. Ocean City is broken into 5 MLS search areas: Oceanfront, ...

Buying Ocean City Real Estate

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Buying Ocean City Real Estate

Buying real estate is a series of sequential steps that when properly executed will lead to you getting a good deal on a property through a skillful and fun process. Before Buying, I'd like to cover a few items that are frequently asked (see list below). Should you have any additional questions feel free to contact me anytime and I will be glad to address them. Start your Beach Search Here.

Buying Time-frames- From a signed contract to settlement is typically 45 days. This can be shorter or longer depending on type of financing. Cash deals can be completed under 30 days, while a VA or FHA loan can take 60 or more days.


Making an Offer on a Property

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Making an Offer

Before writing an offer, contact a Lender and ask to be Pre-Qualified or better yet Pre-Approved.

Pre-Qualified- A pre-qualification can be done over the phone or on the internet. Loan pre-qualification does not include an analysis of your credit report or an in-depth look at your ability to purchase a home.

Pre-Approved -pre-approval, you will receive a conditional commitment in writing for an exact loan amount, allowing you to look for a home at or below that price level. Obviously, this puts you at an advantage when dealing with a potential seller, as he or she will know you're one step closer to obtaining an actual mortgage.

It shows...

Is Getting a Home Mortgage Still Too Difficult?

Is Getting a Home Mortgage Still Too Difficult?

Potential homebuyers are always cautioned to be aware of mortgage lending standards and the difficulty they might face when trying to obtain a mortgage. Credit availability is expanding, making it easier to get a mortgage now than it was a year ago. The market is still tight however, and homebuyers should be prepared to shop around until they find a lender who is offering something that will meet the needs of their family.

Mortgage lending companies have high standards so it is important to make sure you and anyone else who will be included on the mortgage have their credit in check. The mortgage market is strict because lenders do not want to be put in a situation where they are forced to repurchase loans that are not paid on. They also do not want to end up in a litigation...

Will Increasing Mortgage Rates Impact Home Prices?

Will Increasing Mortgage Rates Impact Home Prices?

There has been some discussion recently on home prices in relation to mortgage rates. Some believe if there is a rapid rise of mortgage rates, home prices should decrease. Logically it makes the most sense for the price of the house to drop when interest rates are rising, but this is not always the case.

This theory of home prices decreasing is typically discussed by future home buyers. As a buyer you would like to think if you are paying higher rates on your mortgage, you should be able to see a decrease in cost somewhere else. Unfortunately, these rates are rising because the economy is in better shape. As the economy succeeds, incomes rise, rates go up, as well as the price of the home.

A recent study by the John Burns Real Estate Consulting found mortgage...