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Questions & Answers about Ocean City, MD


Parked Bikes on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD

I get asked a lot of questions from buyers about Ocean City, MD. I hope you find these answers to my most frequently asked questions helpful. 

Q. Where is Ocean City, MD?
A. Ocean City, MD is located on the East Coast of Maryland and the Atlantic Ocean.

Q. How many streets make up Ocean City, MD from the Inlet to DE line?
A. Ocean City, MD is approximately 156 streets.

Q. How many miles from the Ocean City, MD Inlet to DE line?
A. Ocean City, MD is approximately 9.2 miles from the Inlet to Delaware line.

Q. How long is the...

Vacation in Ocean City MD

A family watching fireworks on the Ocean City, MD boardwalk.

Free Fun In Ocean City, MD

I can still hear the words from my father, “If you’re bored, you’re boring!” I’ll even admit that I may be guilty of using this one liner with my own kids now and again. Living in Ocean City has spoiled my children with countless opportunities to play, explore, and live everyday like it’s a vacation!

Ocean City is so jam packed with fun that I thought breaking it down into three categories would be easiest!