Searching Ocean City, MD Real Estate

Walking on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, MD in the summer

Searching for Real Estate in Ocean City, Maryland

Do you know what you want, but hate navigating through hundreds of properties? I’ll give you the inside information on how to effectively search Ocean City, MD Real Estate. The use of proper terminology and basic tools will allow you to be able to properly communicate and locate your Beach retreat with ease.

Let’s discuss search terminology. Ocean City is broken into 5 MLS search areas: Oceanfront, Ocean View, Ocean Block, Bayside Interior, and Bayside Waterfront.

  • Oceanfront: Exactly how it reads. Properties listed under this category have an East facing view and are part of an Oceanfront Building. Your view will be directly related to the floor level of the unit. Lower levels, even though Oceanfront, may have an obstructed view of the Ocean due to the dunes. Be specific on what you are looking for.
  • Ocean View: This is the most widely misused term of all the search areas. To qualify for the Ocean View tag, a unit must be part of an Oceanfront Building and not directly face East. Typically, an Ocean View unit will either face North or South and the view of the Ocean will be from the balcony. South facing units will usually be priced a bit higher than there Northern counterpart (all things being equal).
  • Ocean Block: All buildings located on the Oceanside of Coastal Hwy., NOT Oceanfront. This makes up the majority of the Oceanside listings. Don’t let that discourage you, there are still some units that have wonderful Ocean Views without the Oceanfront price tag. The views in this search area will vary from Ocean to Bay to Coastal Hwy. Again, be specific with your Realtor.
  • Bayside Interior: Any listing on the Bayside of Coastal Hwy. that isn’t Bay or Canal Front or doesn’t have a Bay or Canal View. Typically, this search area is the most affordable per market statistics.
  • Bayside Waterfront: This is any property that is directly located on the Bay or Canal or has a Bay or Canal View. Not all Bayside Waterfront properties have a boat slip or water access, however, some may have both. Make sure you communicate with your Realtor your needs in a potential property.

Use these search areas in your conversation with your Realtor when discussing location. The more you’re able to specify what you want the more enjoyable the experience.

I have made links (tools) for each of the search areas to my website BeachLifeOceanCity. I specialize in Resort Properties and my hyper-local search features will make Searching Ocean City Real Estate fun again!! Enjoy and contact me anytime.

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